Friday, September 10, 2010

Paris style

Is the Paris really is continually the dictator of the world fashion if all is born just here, what the most fashionable, if they for this fashion follow in essence of the occupant of this capital of the world blindly?   Not necessarily!
Dressed the most beautifully, the most original, having of the girl really Parisian style or not at all will give they follow for the fashion. They outdistance her! Feeling, the fashion aims of what he gets in what direction, what he her directs – approaching tendencies feel intuitively, they adapt them to their taste, figure and individual style. They dress elegantly so – dresses in the relation surprisingly to this, happens in streets and even at shop exhibitions, and what will enter in the fashion in the month, two or and in the next season, when these awangard already represent completely different line, the line of the next fashion!