Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's get it started... : )

My name is Allette. I'm 19 years old girl from Paris. I create this blog because I want show you all how look like life in Paris in my eyes. You will find here information about fashion, food, music, interesting and romantic place in Paris, some guides for travellers and that's all write by me. I hope that you will like my blog and add me to your friends. If you have any ideas or questions about living in Paris please leave them in comments <3<3<3


  1. Been twice there. Versailes rox :)

  2. Wheres the best place to eat in paris?

  3. We have family members living in Paris.

    My mother and sister went to Paris (twice for my sister) to visit them and see the city and they were fascinated.

    They invited me several times but I always declined, mainly because college and work.

    Know I think I should, just to said that I've been there =P

    But I was wondering, how hard is to find your way thru Paris if you can't speak the language?
    They say that people on Paris refuse to speak in english or talk to english-speakers (I'm Mexican, but still..)

  4. bonjour! I look forward to some exciting post

  5. I've always been interested in France, I'll definitely stay tuned.

  6. I'll read anything written by a 19 year old girl in paris. Now if you were in Paris, TX a party would be in order.

  7. i paid for my brother to go to paris and i hope to go there sometime myself