Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pets in Paris 2.

When you are in Paris, it is probably a correct statement to say that you are not going to have your own car, so you want to make sure that any transportation that you have allows your dog. Taxis and cabs are normally the ones that do not want any animals in their cars, so make sure that you call and ask in advance – that way, you can be sure that you are not breaking any rules.

You also want to make sure that if you are going on the Metro or Bus that your dog, if small enough is in a lap carrier. Larger dogs need to have a ticket with them, generally a children’s ticket.

You also want to make sure that you know where you can take your dogs. Open air markets are places that pets are not allows and neither are restaurants or museums.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pets in Paris.

 If you are going on vacation to Paris and you want to bring your pet, these next blogs are for you, for we are going to explore some of the challenges with bringing your own pets and what exactly you might need to look for.  For one, you want to make sure that wherever you are staying accepts pets.
In Paris, there are not that many places that will actually allow you to have a pet inside – especially hotel rooms, so this is certainly something that you are going to want to check on.  You also want to make sure that you do your research.
What this means is that you are researching exactly where you can take your pet – as that is going to be important as well.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Darkness falls on the Paris. Neon lights sex shops wake up on the square Pigalle. The bazaar begins night the pleasure's....

Brigitte Bardot – the icon of the style. I love her!!

Brigitte Bardot is the phenomenon of the beauty. She became the model of the store-house „Elle”in age fifteen years.Open for the film by the director Rogera Vadima the red-haired girl happened after the short time of the blond girl -the star whose canons of beauty and sexuality to today fascinate. Admired by the beautiful sex and desirable by men remaining the icon of the sex and the immortal pattern of sensorial perfection. What do you thing about her ? I love her style :)))

Friday, September 10, 2010

Paris style

Is the Paris really is continually the dictator of the world fashion if all is born just here, what the most fashionable, if they for this fashion follow in essence of the occupant of this capital of the world blindly?   Not necessarily!
Dressed the most beautifully, the most original, having of the girl really Parisian style or not at all will give they follow for the fashion. They outdistance her! Feeling, the fashion aims of what he gets in what direction, what he her directs – approaching tendencies feel intuitively, they adapt them to their taste, figure and individual style. They dress elegantly so – dresses in the relation surprisingly to this, happens in streets and even at shop exhibitions, and what will enter in the fashion in the month, two or and in the next season, when these awangard already represent completely different line, the line of the next fashion!

The Paris-the European capital of the fashion.

The Paris as every one knows he is the not only capital of the France, but also the capital of the world fashion. One can go in trips thanks to cheap airwaies, for small money and survive unforgettable moments.

I command for the lovers of the fashion the center the trade, in which one can find famous designers the newest collections, but also small shops and obviously network shops.
For these, which they want to tour this beautiful city I command the repurchase of the trip after the Paris. One can find translations in several languages, so if someone knows  English, he will not have problems. The coach will take you to the the largest and the most famous touristic places. Unfortunately, if you want to get to know the nooks of this city you should come only after back -streets. And you will find amazing buildings there, artistic works.

And now something for the lovers of the love. This the most beautiful city in Europe for enamoured. One can find the innumerable quantity of romantic cafes, just and one can not obviously forget about the tower Eiffla. You have to wait in the queue in the holiday, but it is proper. Beautiful views on the Paris. Amazing is the climate in the night, where the millions of lights light up this city.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's get it started... : )

My name is Allette. I'm 19 years old girl from Paris. I create this blog because I want show you all how look like life in Paris in my eyes. You will find here information about fashion, food, music, interesting and romantic place in Paris, some guides for travellers and that's all write by me. I hope that you will like my blog and add me to your friends. If you have any ideas or questions about living in Paris please leave them in comments <3<3<3