Friday, September 10, 2010

The Paris-the European capital of the fashion.

The Paris as every one knows he is the not only capital of the France, but also the capital of the world fashion. One can go in trips thanks to cheap airwaies, for small money and survive unforgettable moments.

I command for the lovers of the fashion the center the trade, in which one can find famous designers the newest collections, but also small shops and obviously network shops.
For these, which they want to tour this beautiful city I command the repurchase of the trip after the Paris. One can find translations in several languages, so if someone knows  English, he will not have problems. The coach will take you to the the largest and the most famous touristic places. Unfortunately, if you want to get to know the nooks of this city you should come only after back -streets. And you will find amazing buildings there, artistic works.

And now something for the lovers of the love. This the most beautiful city in Europe for enamoured. One can find the innumerable quantity of romantic cafes, just and one can not obviously forget about the tower Eiffla. You have to wait in the queue in the holiday, but it is proper. Beautiful views on the Paris. Amazing is the climate in the night, where the millions of lights light up this city.